Which sofa is right for me?

 or what to think about when buying a new sofa or armchair….

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  1. Think about what you want the sofa for, is it a family room for watching TV, playing video games etc.  Do you have pets in this room, how will you keep it clean.  Consider the number of people that will be using the room and the number you will need to be seated.  Or is the sofa for a more formal space that will be used less often.  Is the sofa or chair to be a show piece to add to the look of a particular space.
  2. Size of the sofa or armchair.  Great consideration should be given to the size of your sofa or armchair.  Measure your room space to see how large or small your sofa needs to be also do you need to fit in other armchairs or an ottoman for storage.  Lay down paper patterns on the floor to see how the space works.  Access is a very important consideration can the sofa be delivered easily into the room, size of the doors any stairs. If access is limited you may consider having a sofa made that can be assembled in the room.
  3. Style, do you want a sofa or armchair with lots of cushions that you can kick back and relax on or do you need to be supported and sit more upright.  In a small space narrower arms give the impression of more room.  Is the look you are after a contemporary & modern with boxey cushions and chrome legs or a more classic look with a skirt or traditional turned legs maybe you would like brass castors.
  4. Fabric, flat weaves or woven patterns will retain their look for longer.  Printed designs will give more impact but can date.  Classic fabrics such as plain linen, velvets or stripes will remain undated.  Chenilles,velvets and wood give a cosy warm feel whilst linens will give a cool, crisp more contemporary look.  Leather depending on finish and style can give either a traditional or modern look and whilst it is more expensive with care is very long lasting.
  5. Cushions, the thing we are asked about the most. If you are wanting a soft cushion that still retains a boxey shape then foam filling the best option.  Fibre filled cushions give a soft squishy feel with a good bounce, however after time they can go flat.  Feather are wonderfully soft with a casual look, but need to be plumped regularly.  Feather and down cushions are the ultimate in luxury, soft as a cloud which you just sink in to, like normal feather cushions need to be plumped on a regular basis and are very expensive.  Finally you could opt for combination cushions feather with a foam core these give the softness of feather with a less casual look, however these can lose their shape after time.
  6. Frames & Springs Frames should be a solid beech wood for stability and longevity, seats need to sprung for comfort and quality. This is probably the most important part of your sofa or chair but the part least considered in what is a large purchase.  A good quality solid frame will give you years of comfort and service and should be taken seriously, most of us do not consider what is going on inside our sofa or armchair.

This guide is for general information and considerations when thinking about buying or having a sofa or chair made.  Our sofas and armchairs are all made to order and we will discuss all the options available, also sofas and armchairs ordered from us are completely bespoke and can be manufactured to size, style and fabric of your choice.

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